Children's Play Area Questionnaire – Privacy Statement

Sadberge Parish Council is using a questionnaire to gather information about the number of children living in Sadberge and residents' views on the future of the children's play area.  This note explains how data from the questionnaires will be processed, used and stored.

The questionnaire asks for:-

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Sadberge Parish Council is the Controller of the data.

Each copy of the questionnaire has a six-digit reference number that (a) identifies the general area of the village where the household is located, and (b) checks that the questionnaire is an original copy and not a duplicate.

For the purposes of analysing the results from the questionnaire, the village is divided into eight areas.  For example, Abbey Road and Dale Road constitute one area and Beacon Grange Park, West Row and Church Lane constitute another area.  In some cases it may be technically possible to identify an individual household's response (e.g. from the area and the number of children in the household), but the Parish Council has no intention of attempting to do this.

The data from the questionnaires will be entered into a spreadsheet on the Clerk's computer.

Aggregated data will be shared with Darlington Borough Council and published on the Sadberge web site.  Examples of this type of aggregated data may include:-

The paper copies of the questionnaires will be shredded within three months of the closing date for responses; i.e. the questionnaires will be shredded no later than 7th March 2019.

Electronic copies of the spreadsheet of individual spreadsheet responses may be retained for up to one year after the closing date for responses.

The aggregated data will be kept indefinitely.


If you would like any further information, contact the Clerk to Sadberge Parish Council, Alastair Mackenzie, via 07966-312980.

You can use this link to go to the Sadberge web site home page.