This section of the web site gives you information about the 2007 Sadberge Parish Plan.

After two years of work, the 2007 Sadberge Parish Plan was approved by Sadberge residents at an Open Meeting on Wednesday 21st November 2007 and formally adopted by Sadberge Parish Council on Tuesday 4th December 2007.  A Wind Farms Addendum was added in December 2018.

You can use these links to download the 2007 Sadberge Parish Plan and the Wind Farms Addendum.

Please note that this copy of the 2007 Parish Plan contains low resolution versions of the pictures and it is still a fairly large (739 kB) file.

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The production of the Sadberge Parish Plan involved:-
>>   Identifying the key issues to be addressed.
>> Holding an initial Open Meeting to (a) let local residents know about the Parish Plan and (b) confirm the issues and priorities.
>> Compiling and issuing a background document containing information about Sadberge and background information relevant to the issues facing the parish.
>> Using questionnaires to (a) gather information about Sadberge and (b) establish local residents' views on the issues facing the village and the parish.
>> Carrying out a traffic survey to provide up-to-date information about the traffic passing through the village.
>> Holding a series of Open Meetings to address the issues.
 17th May 2006Planning and Development
 7th October 2006Traffic and Transport
 27th November 2006      Services and Village Environment
 21st March 2007St. Andrew's Church, Social Activities, Carbon Footprint, etc..
>> Writing a draft Parish Plan.
>> Holding an Open Meeting to finalise the Plan.
>> Final approval of the Plan by Sadberge Parish Council.
>> On-going work to implement the Plan.

The preparation of the Parish Plan was led by the Parish Plan Steering Group.  This group is now continuing to operate as the Parish Plan Implementation Steering Group.

Most of the funding for the preparation of the Sadberge Parish Plan came from a grant from the Tees Valley Rural Community Council (TVRCC), with the remainder coming from the Parish Council.

Follow this link for a PDF document giving an overview of the Parish Plan process, including a list of the issues being addressed.

Follow this link for a PDF version of the background document.

The links at the left hand side of this page will take you to further information about the various aspects of the 2007 Parish Plan.

If you would like any more information about the Sadberge Parish Plan, contact either Millie Scaife (01325-332020) or Alastair Mackenzie (01325-333333).