Would you like to receive email notifications of events in Sadberge Village Hall and/or other news relating to Sadberge?

If so, send an email to the webmaster, with the subject Email notification service and listing one or more of the following keywords:-

HallNotification about events in Sadberge Village Hall, such as the Christmas Dinner Dance, the Christmas Market, "Sing-along-a-Christmas", the Village Hall's 30th Birthday Party, Jazz evenings, barbecues, etc.
NewsNotification of other news relating to Sadberge.

So, for example, your subscription email might look like:-

Subject: Email notification service



This email notification service no longer includes news about the Parish Council activities (e.g. notifications when agendas and minutes are issued).  To receive news from the Parish Council, sign up to the update service on the new Parish Council web site.

The emails will be short, and will not have any large attachments.  If further details are available then the notification email will include a link to the relevant page on the Sadberge web site.

The decision on when to send out notification emails on each topic will be at the discretion of the Sadberge webmaster.

You can subscribe to any one, two, three or all four parts of the notification service.

The emails will be sent to the email address that you use to subscribe to the email notification service.  (You cannot subscribe on behalf of someone else.  They need to subscribe themselves.)

Email addresses used to subscribe to this service will not be passed to anyone else.

You will be able to unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to Alastair Mackenzie.

If you have any questions about this email notification service then please contact Alastair Mackenzie by phone on 01325-333333.

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