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Darlington Borough Council is currently running a consultation on the draft Darlington Local Plan, which will cover the period 2016 - 2036.  You can view or download the draft document here (PDF document, 4.2 MB), and you can submit your comments via the consultation portal.

Darlington Borough Council has issued a report demonstrating that it has identified a five year supply of land to meet objectively-assessed housing needs.  This means that it can once again make decisions on planning applications on the basis of the policies in the current Darlington Local Plan, including the Sadberge limits to development (which are also known as the 'village envelope').

Note:  Contrary to what was said during the Sadberge Parish Meeting, the five year supply of land does not include the football field north of St. Andrew's Park or the field between Stockton Road and the Abbey Road children's play area.  Within the Parish of Sadberge, the only land included in the five year supply is the site on the east side of Middleton Road on the southern edge of Sadberge Village, which already has planning permission for 25 houses.

Follow this link for the minutes of the 2018 Sadberge Parish Meeting, which was held on 8-May-2018.
Sadberge has two public access defibrillators.  Follow the link for more information.
Follow these links for a Northern Echo article about the Sadberge speed sign and an analysis of the data collected by the speed sign (PDF format).
Since July 2015, the "Our Bus" service for Sadberge and the other rural villages to the north-east of Darlington has been running on Mondays only.  Follow this link for the timetable. (PDF format)
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Follow these links for information about the Sadberge Energy Saving Project and the Sadberge Renewable Energy Project.

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