Point 10 – Chapel Row



The History Trail would not be complete without noting the contribution of the Methodist Chapel – with its Sunday School – that stood on the east side of Chapel Row.  (It is now a private dwelling.)  The chapel served Sadberge residents and their families, and was well attended in the early part of the twentieth century.  Memories include 'the money tree' at the top of Chapel Row, where the local minister would hide pennies and would encourage children to look in the tree for them before coming to Chapel.  Obviously, they were then encouraged to put them in the collection!

On the other side of Chapel Row was White House Farm.  Once one of the eight or so working farms in Sadberge in the 1950s, it was developed for housing and now forms part of Goodwood Close.  Other family farms are still going.  The Shepherd family still farm – mainly pigs – on the eastern side of Hill House Lane near the centre of the village.  The Vickers family farm is at the end of Stockton Road (adjoining the A66) and the Knaggs family farm is at West Newbiggin (on the Stockton back road).

There was a butcher's shop was at the top of Chapel Row (where two garages are now set into the bank at the edge of the village green).  It was run by Chris Harrison's father (see Chris's story below) and provided fresh meat.  Within living memory there were three other shops in Sadberge.  At the bottom of West Row there was a grocer's selling fruit and vegetables of West Row.  Just north of the Tuns at Sadberge there was a Post Office and village shop selling groceries.  Across the road from the Tuns at Sadberge, at the bottom of Hillside Terrace, there was a fish and chip shop (long gone).  On Darlington Road, on the site of the former Red Lion public house, there was the Top Shop (see Point 3).

Memories of Chapel Row

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