Point 9 – St. Andrew's Park and the
site of the former Sadberge School



By the end of the twentieth centrury, pupil numbers had fallen and, despite some protest, the St Andrew's Church of England school closed for the last time in 2004.  The Sadberge community felt that this was the beginning of the end of an era, and there was great concern that it would be difficult to attract young families – a vital contribution to the village community – to move into Sadberge.

But the village's bus service was also declining – there is now only a bus service to Darlington on one day a week – so residents have to provide their own transport and arranging to get children to nearby schools in Middleton St George or Bishopton is now accepted as a part of village life.  Anyway, the small primary school was demolished and the land was sold for housing development.  Fifteen houses were built .... and some of them now house young families!

Memories of St. Andrew's Park

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