Point 7 – The Tuns at Sadberge
(ormerly The Three Tuns)



It is thought that this public house (Grade 2 listed) is built on the site of the ancient gaol that stood opposite the Sadberge courthouse.  The courthouse was on the other (southern) side of the main east-west road between Darlington to Stockton (where the old fish and chip shop stood).  The last trial in Sadberge was in 1437.  This trial sparked a frequent topic of conversation in the pub – and often still does!  The story is as follows:-

Betty Walters was landlady for over fifty years and many villagers remember her with affection and recall her prowess as the 'Domino Queen' and how she hailed Sadberge as "the best village in ten counties!".  Some nights when the drink had flowed, the story of a young boy imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread would prompt her to show the tunnels in the cellar – the beginning of a prisoner's journey to Gallow's field to the north of the pub, to be hanged.  You can read more about the stories of Sadberge gaol and the history of the village in this newspaper article from 2015.

The pub was renovated in the early 1980s and its latest incarnation – The Tuns at Sadberge – now relies more on its fine dining in modern surroundings than tales of old to attract customers.

Memories of The Tuns at Sadberge

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