Point 6 – The Village Green



Sadberge is fortunate to have a well-kept village green in the centre of the village.  The plaque at the edge of the green commemorates the millennium and shows a bishop, reminding us of the time when Sadberge was part of the Land of the Prince Bishops from the 1200s.

The green has been used for many village festivals over the years.  Between 2007 and 2016, annual Sadberge Summer Festivals were officially organised by the parish council, but all the actual work was done by local volunteers.  Sadberge residents also formed a fund-raising group – 'The Friends of Sadberge Festival' – which not only provided financial support for the summer festivals but and continues to organise and support community events.  (See the Forthcoming Events page of the Sadberge web site.)  At their height, the Sadberge Summer Festivals attracted nearly 800 people from the village and the surrounding areas.  There were celebrations, enteratinments, fun activities for all the family, Morris dancing displays (including by local side 'Locos in Motion'), Maypole dancing, sports activities and much more.  Records of earlier festivals show this to be a continuation of village life.  More recently, dog shows have proved very popular and have became a regular event.

For some years a small group of gardening enthusiasts planted new shrubs and spring bulbs around the borders of the main village green and on the triangle opposite the Buck Inn.  At the height of this activity, Sadberge village was awarded Silver in the Northumbria in Bloom competition, and in 2008 Sadberge was named the Northern England Village of the Year in the annual competition sponsored by Calor.  The cash prize from the Village of the Year competition was used for a variety of purposes – including the new notice board and the two flower basket stands on the village green – and in 2011 some of the money was used to fund the chainsaw carving of three trees that would otherwise have had to be felled.  The resulting statues – a warrior, a Roman lady and a Saxon child – represent aspects of village history and were named 'The Guardians of Sadberge'.

During the construction of the (now disused) reservoir south-west of Sadberge, a large glacial boulder was uncovered.  This 'Jubilee Stone' was placed on the village green with a plaque commemorating Queen Victoria as Empress of Sadberge.  A new seat has recently been installed around the American Oak tree in the centre of the village.  The original wooden seat was popular with the older gentlemen of the village, who could be seen there on many mornings, chatting and watching village life carry on around them.

Memories of The Village Green

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