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Many villages and small communities have experienced significant and long-lasting changes to their way of life in the last fifty years, and Sadberge is no exception.  As well as bringing opportunities, the changes have brought about many threats and challenges to the very essence of village life as it used to be.  Sadberge residents – including people who moved into the village since the 1950s as well as people who have lived here all their lives – were concerned that the former Sadberge community would be lost forever if we did not try and preserve the memories of that way of life.

It was decided to run a social history project to record what we could from living memory.  An invitation went out via the Parish magazine (Roundabout), posters and word of mouth asking people to contribute to the Sadberge History Trail project.  A small group of residents – both new and well-established – formed a working group with the aim of collecting people's memories, ephemera and items of interest.  The resulting History Trail consists of ten points of interest around the village, marked by green plaques, backed up by a wealth of information, memories and personal accounts on the Sadberge web site.

The Rev William Lancaster Taylor wrote the 'History of Sadberge', which looks at ancient history back to Roman times to the turn of the 20th century.  This goes some way to explain modern names – e.g. 'Hampass', the open area to the east of St. Andrew's Church) – and how life has evolved to the present day, and gives a picture of a busy industrial area whose former traditions are evident today.

The Sadberge of a hundred years ago gave way to changes that were assimilated into the village and its way of life, much of which the History Group members look back on with understanding and fondness.  Recent changes – like the closure of the village school, lack of public transport and increased building in the village – were met, at the time, with a measure of sadness and a great sense of loss.  However, in the same way that it always has before, Sadberge is evolving into a new community, with its ability to adapt and to maintain its community spirit.  After all, the closure of the Post Office (devastating at the time) led to the operation of the Coffee Shop in the village hall, which has brought many benefits – something worth noting in a Sadberge History Trail.

The History Trail is designed to present Sadberge residents' memories via ten key important areas that were regarded as particularly worthy of interest.  We hope that you will enjoy exploring our "history of living memory".  If you have any questions – or if you can provide additional contributions to the information and memories – then please do get in touch.

Note from the Sadberge Webmaster

Apologies.  I'm still in the process of adding the information to the web site, and the majority of the pages are currently just empty shells waiting to be filled by the memories and personal accounts collected by the History Group.  I hope to be able to do the necessary work over the next couple of weeks.   Please bear with me.

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