Organisational Changes at Sadberge Village Hall


Conversion into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

The Sadberge Village Hall Association is converting from an unincorporated association into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

This will have a number of advantages, including:-

If you're interested in more detail, there's information about different types of legal structures for charities on the web site.

Position at 18-Dec-2017

New Lease

The village hall is owned by the Church, which leases it to the Village Hall Association.
Note: Some people have said that the Church only owns the old part of the village hall, but that's not true.  According to the title deeds, the Church owns the whole building.

The current lease runs out at the end of 2017.  The plan is that the new Sadberge Village Hall CIO will enter into a new, 35-year lease.

In the lease negotiations, the CIO has been represented – on a 'pro bono' basis – by Jones Day solicitors, who have been extremely helpful.

Sadberge Parish Council helped to overcome what could have been a very difficult obstacle by offering Sadberge Parochial Church Council a grant of £1,000 towards the Church's legal costs (on the condition that Sadberge Village Hall CIO ends up with a satisfactory lease on the village hall).

Position at 18-Dec-2017

Trading Subsidiary

When it received the application to register the new CIO, the Charity Commission took a close look at the operation of the village hall and made a number of stipulations about how things must be done in the future.  One of these was that the new CIO must not run the Village Hall Coffee Shop directly, but must set up a subsidiary company to do this type of 'non primary purpose' trading.

In order to comply with this requirement, the CIO has set up a new company – Sadberge Village Hall Trading Ltd. (SVHT) – as a wholly-owned trading subsidiary.  SVHT will employ the village hall staff, hire out rooms in the village hall and run the Coffee Shop.  Sadberge Village Hall CIO will maintain and improve the building and continue to organise fundraising events (e.g. the Dinner Dance) and children's parties (e.g. the Halloween Party and the Christmas Party).  All SVHT's distributable profits will be given to the CIO to support delivery of the CIO's charitable objectives.

Position at 18-Dec-2017

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