Final Report

In the first round, 152 Sadberge households used their vouchers to claim a total of 304 free face masks and 82 of those households bought a total of 283 "additional" face masks at £1.50 each.

In the second round of sales, 24 Sadberge households bought a total of 225 face masks at £1.50 each.

All the face masks have now been sold and the project is complete.

It was interesting to observe that, just as we were distributing the last few face masks, the UK Government announced that it will be compulsory to wear face coverings in some enclosed spaces where social distancing is difficult (e.g. on public transport and in hospitals) and the World Health Organisation – rather belatedly – changed its advice to recommend that members of the public should wear non-medical face masks in "settings where physical distancing cannot be achieved", including by "the general public on transportation (e.g. on a bus, plane, trains)" and "in working conditions which place the employee in close contact or potential close contact with others".

Background Information

Thanks to a grant from the Moor House Wind Farm Community Fund, and with the help of Sadberge Parish Council, the Sadberge Coronavirus Support Network obtained 800 face masks for distribution / sale to Sadberge residents.

Each Sadberge household was offered two free face masks and the option to buy up to four more masks at £1.50 each.

Each Sadberge household received a flyer explaining the scheme and incorporating a voucher that could be exchanged for two free face masks.  Each household also had the option to buy up to four additional masks at £1.50 each.  The deadline for using the vouchers was Friday 29‑May‑2020, but if you still have your voucher and would like to claim your free face masks then please contact Alastair Mackenzie on 07966-312980 as soon as possible.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Face mask

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