You can use this form to submit information about a forthcoming event in Sadberge.  Please read the notes further down this page before filling in the form.

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  1. Day is the day of the week on which the event is taking place.
  2. Date is the date on which the event is taking place, preferably in DD/MMM/YYYY format (e.g. 23-Apr-2007).
  3. Time is the time of the event.  This can be the time at which the event starts (e.g. 7:30 p.m.) or the duration of the event (e.g. 7:30 - 10:00 p.m.).
  4. Title is the title of the event.
  5. Description is a one-line description of the event.
  6. Contact is who people should contact for more information about the event.  This item is optional.  If you are providing contact information then please give a name and either an email address or a phone number.
  7. Venue is the venue of the event.
  8. Please use the additional information box to give any other relevant information about the event.  You can also email additional information – such as an event poster or flyer – to the .
  9. Please give your own name and contact information so that the webmaster can contact you if he has any questions about the event.  If possible, please give an email address.  Otherwise, a phone number will be fine.
  10. Once you have filled in the form, click on the Submit button to send the information to the webmaster.  An acknowledgement will be displayed.  It may take the webmaster a few days to add your event to the list.
  11. If you decide not to submit any event information just now then use your browser's back button to go back to the Forthcoming Events page.