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The first theme in the Sadberge Energy Saving Project is home insulation and heating.


The aim of this theme is to help Sadberge households to save money on their heating bills and reduce their CO2 emissions by:-

(a)   improving their insulation (including loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing), and/or
(b) installing modern, efficient central heating boilers.

Sadberge Home Energy Check questionnaires

121 Sadberge households (out of 309) filled in the Sadberge version of the Energy Saving Trust's simple Home Energy Check questionnaire.

As an additional incentive, each household that completed the Sadberge Home Energy Check by Saturday 12th July 2008 received two free low energy light bulbs, courtesy of the Energy Saving Trust.

The Energy Saving Trust analysed the data and provided each participating household with a personalised report giving their home's current energy rating and identifying (a) opportunities to save energy and (b) any grant funding that may be available to the household.

For people who are not eligible for grants we have set up "bulk purchase" arrangements to enable Sadberge residents to get discounts on the purchase and installation of double glazed windows and/or modern, efficient central heating boilers.  See below for more details.

Together with the personalised report, each participating household received a response form enabling them to express an interest in participating in the insulation grants scheme and/or one or both of the bulk purchase schemes.  There is no commitment at this stage.

The contact information for those households that expressed an interest in each scheme have been passed to the relevant provider(s), who should have contacted the households to arrange appointments to do the necessary surveys and provide quotes.

Once they have the quotes, the householders will be able to decide whether to go ahead and place their orders for the relevant supply and installation.

Insulation grants scheme and bulk purchase schemes

You can use these links to download documents (in PDF format) outlining the insulation grants scheme and the bulk purchase schemes.

You can use this link to go back to the main Sadberge Energy Saving Project page.