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The Parish Council submitted a bid for Sadberge to participate in the Government's Low Carbon Communities Challenge.  If the bid had been successful, we would have got up to 500,000 of funding for a programme of measures to reduce Sadberge's carbon dioxide emissions.

Latest news

19-Jan-2010    Unfortunately, Sadberge was not selected as one of the twenty test-bed communities.

The Sadberge bid was submitted on 30-Dec-2009.  Click here to view the application document and the appendices.

Tank you to all the organistations and individuals who provided letters of support for the Sadberge bid – Access Renewables Limited, The Buck Inn Racing Club, Darlington Borough Council, The Energy Saving Trust, Sadberge Older Aged People (SOAP), Tees Valley Rural Community Council (TVRCC), The Three Tuns, Sadberge Village Hall Association and Ward Councillor Brian Jones.

Low Carbon Communities Challenge

The Low Carbon Communities Challenge will provide advice and funding to twenty 'test-bed' communities working on ambitious, integrated programmes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Each participating community will receive up to 500,000 of funding for capital expenditure on carbon reduction measures.

The Sadberge bid

We are in a strong position to build on the success of our existing Sadberge Energy Saving Project.  Our proposed carbon reduction programme includes the following:-

Smart gas and electricity meters

Using our experience with smart electricity monitors, we will roll out smart gas and electricity meters to Sadberge homes and provide householders with support and advice to enable everyone to get the best out of them.

Sadberge village hall

We will use some of the funding to improve the village hall's insulation, including double glazed windows for the Coffee Lounge.

It may also be possible to install a solar photovoltaic system on the village hall roof.

Car club with electric cars

We will use some of the funding to buy electric cars, which will be made available to Sadberge residents via a car club.  Using electric cars for short journeys can make a significant reduction in carbon emissions (even if the electricity comes from gas-fired power stations), but at present their cost and inability to do long journeys makes them impractical for most people.  The Low Carbon Communities Challenge funding and the car club approach will overcome these problems.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps have very low operating costs and carbon emissions, but are expensive to install.  We will use the Low Carbon Communities Challenge funding to subsidise a number of ground source and air source heat pump installations in Sadberge, giving participating householders an opportunity to reduce both their heating bills and their carbon dioxide emissions.

Solar energy

We will use the Low Carbon Communities Challenge funding to subsidise a number of solar water heating systems and solar photovoltaic systems.

Small-scale wind power

In April 2010 the Government is introducing a "feed-in tariff" scheme that will require energy suppliers to pay householders for electricity produced by small-scale, renewable generation systems..  The payment for electricity produced by small-scale wind turbines will be sufficient to make them an attractive investment.  We will investigate the possibility of installing a number of small-scale wind turbines (e.g. 5 kW) on the farms around Sadberge.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about this, or if you would be interested in getting involved in any of these projects, please contact Alastair Mackenzie on 01325-333333.

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