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How good is your home's insulation?

Do you know how much heat your house radiates into the sky on cold winter nights?

The Climate Change Working Group has made arrangements to borrow an infra-red camera that can be used to take pictures showing where heat is escaping from houses.

Infra-red photograph of Mayfield House

This infra-red photograph shows Mayfield House (on the left) and Mayfield House South (on the right).

The roof of Mayfield House is slightly cooler.  This may be because (a) Mayfield House has more loft insulation than Mayfield House South,
or (b) the residents of Mayfield House South have their central heating thermostat turned up higher than the residents of Mayfield House.

Note that the chimney stack on Mayfield House is acting like a little radiator mounted on the roof!

If you would like us to take an infra-red picture of your house then please return the form at the bottom of the latest Energy Saving Project flyer as soon as possible and no later than Friday 20th February 2009.

The Climate Change Working Group would like to thank Lucite International for lending us the infra-red camera and FLIR for providing the software used to analyse the infra-red photographs.

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