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This section of the Sadberge web site gives you information about the Sadberge Energy Saving Project.

Latest Information and Quick Links

Despite what we thought was a very strong bid, unfortunately Sadberge was not selected to participate in the Governmment's Low Carbon Communities Challenge.  Follow this link for more information about the Sadberge bid.

Back in February 2009 the Climate Change Working Group offered to take infra-red photographs of Sadberge homes to show where heat is escaping.  Click here to see a selection of the photographs that were taken, plus graphs showing the distribution of roof, wall and window temperatures.

Why an Energy Saving project?

Two main reasons – to save money and to help to combat climate change.

Everyone is aware of the way that gas, electricity and petrol costs have been rising over the last few months, and things are likely to get worse rather than.  The BBC web site recently reported that household energy bills could rise by as much as 40% this winter.  So improving energy efficiency is in everyone's interest.

And, of course, using energy more efficiently reduces CO2 emissions, and this helps to combat climate change.  Even if you believe that the reductions that we can make are tiny by comparison with the extra CO2 that is being emitted elsewhere in the world – the USA, China and India spring to mind – there's a strong argument that we need to be seen to be making a genuine effort in order to persuade other countries to reduce their CO2 emissions.  Also, is the fact that our contribution is likely to be small really an excuse for not trying?

The Sadberge Energy Saving Project is part of the implementation of the Sadberge Parish Plan.  One of the four main objectives in the plan is: "To be environmentally responsible, and in particular to make a contribution towards combating climate change".

The Sadberge Energy Saving Project is being carried out in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, whose staff will be providing assistance and expertise.

What is going to happen?

There will be three main themes in the project.  Click on the links for more details.

1.  Home insulation and efficient heating

2.  Electricity use monitoring

3.  Energy saving information

Carbon footprint

If you are willing to have a go at calculating your household's carbon footprint then please visit the Act on CO2 web site.  Over the next week or so I will be setting up a facility on the Sadberge web site to enable people to share and compare their carbon footprint results.

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