This section of the web site gives you information about the village of Sadberge, including a summary of its history and some of its facilities and points of interest.

Sadberge Parish
Sadberge is a rural parish within the Borough of Darlington in the north-east of England.  The parish of Sadberge consists of the village of Sadberge and, in the surrounding countryside, five farms and about ten other dwellings.  Click here to see a map of the parish.

Sadberge village green

Sadberge Village
Sadberge village is a small, pretty village of approximately 300 houses and 630 residents, situated on a hill on the north side of the A66 between Darlington and Teesside.  The village name derives from the Viking term Setberg, meaning "flat topped hill", and Sadberge was once the capital or Wappentake of the Viking settled area north of the Tees.  Today, its pleasant surroundings and easy access to the A66 make it popular with professional people working in Darlington or Teesside.  Sadberge is also home to a significant number of elderly people, many of whom have lived in the village for considerable lengths of time.  The number of young families in the village has declined to a low number.

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